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International Co-operatives Day

July 6

“This is the best camp I have ever attended. Co-op Camp is an amazing program and every year I come back. It teaches me new skills. Reminds me to be myself and gives me confidence! I hope to come again next year.”
Goodsoil, Co-op Camp Participant
"The workshop was fantastic! It was well organized, the speakers were amazing, and the activities we did were great takeaways. I would definitely recommend this workshop or even attend a second time. Really well done!"
Truth and Reconciliation Workshop Participant
“What I love most about Co-op Camp is the sense of friendship and positivity found here. It’s amazing how fast you make friends here, and how much better you feel about yourself. I love it and always want to come back.”
Nipawin, Co-op Camp Participant
“Our executive visits to Co-op Camp have been very rewarding. Summer camps can have a lasting impact on participants and counsellors, where lifetime friendships are formed. Co-op Camp is an amazing opportunity to develop co-operative leadership skills in the next generation. We have many staff who participated in Co-op Camp as kids, and now some of them are taking the opportunity to volunteer as counsellors. This isn’t just an opportunity to give back, we see it as a learning and development opportunity for our emerging leaders. It is a pleasure to be able to visit the camps to support our volunteers and help reinforce the co-operative values.”
Eric Dillon
CEO of Conexus Credit Union