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Saskatchewan Co-operative Association
Feb 10

Donate to SCA/SCYP!

Every dollar donated helps us produce great programming that helps Saskatchewan people (especially youth) build their understanding of co-operatives. Donate today!


The SCYP Donation Drive

The purpose of the SCYP Donation Drive is to diversify SCYP’s revenue stream to assist in covering camp costs. Funds raised will also ensure the participation of Saskatchewan youth who might otherwise face financial barriers to attending the program.

Throughout the Co-op Camp promotional period, SCYP asks co-operative/credit union managers and staff to solicit donations for SCYP. This could be done through staff room collection bowls; customer point-of-sale donations; locally run donation events or fundraisers or any other activity you can think of!

Last year was the third year of the SCYP Donation Drive. We raised about $12,000 from co-operators all over the province! Donations came in from SCYP alumni, retail co-ops and most notably Conexus Credit Union through their staff collection efforts. The Co-operators also got in the action by holding a “Co-op Camp Fair” along with holding a steak fundraiser in Regina. The fair was created and administered by Co-operators staff who participated in SCYP as sector staff in previous years. They brought awareness to the rest of The Co-operators staff about SCYP leading to increased donations and additional sector staffing applications through a myriad of events.

We loved what we saw in 2017. For 2018, we want to continue this energy by encouraging co-operators to get creative with their fundraising initiatives. SCYP would be happy to discuss event ideas and provide support to all co-ops and credit unions for their respective SCYP Donation Drive events.

Reach out if you would like to get involved! Thanks Saskatchewan, you’re amazing!