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Feb 10

Co-op Camp is facing some new and exciting changes for the 2021 season. Some of these are of our own doing and some are due to the challenges of living through a global pandemic.

See our message HERE.

Each Co-op Camp session is staffed by six to ten individuals who act as counsellors, coaches and mentors. We'll be recruiting about 50 new and returning camp Staff this year.


Please apply today to be a part of our Co-op Camp Staff Team! Application deadline is FRIDAY MARCH 13th, 2020.
Applications have closed for 2020.





Co-op Camp isn’t just for youth, it's an amazing experience for adults and past graduates, too. 

If you’re a co-op sector or credit union system employee, elected official, Co-op Camp alumnus or volunteer aged 17 years of age or up, consider volunteering to staff one of the  camps this summer.

You'll increase your co-op knowledge, and learn a lot about the next generation of co-op and community leaders. Prior experience working with young people isn't essential. The Staff training workshop in late May will provide you with all the resources and information you need for your camp. As well, each staff team has a Program Assistant, co-ordinator and experienced staff members, so you will have lots of guidance and support throughout the week.



There are many reasons to staff:

  • To help make a difference in the lives of youth,
  • To meet and work with co-operative sector/credit union system employees from around Saskatchewan,
  • To polish your presentation and leadership skills,
  • To share information about your co-operative or credit union,
  • To refresh your knowledge of co-operatives and the co-op principles, and
  • To have an amazing, unique experience with a great group of people!

Many co-op employers consider Co-op Camp to be professional development for their employees (or directors or senior volunteers), or allow them to take the time away from work as part of their volunteer days. Be sure to ask your supervisor if becoming a Co-op Camp staffer will count towards your professional development goals for the year.

Your own experiences - coupled with our three-day training program - will give you the tools and confidence to be part of this participatory learning experiences with Saskatchewan youth.


Here is what some of our Staff had to say about their experiences:

- “[Staffing camp] was so emotionally rewarding. Watching all of the participants blossom and build everlasting friendships. I can’t wait to staff again.” – Melinda, Pineland Co-op

- “[Staffing Co-op Camp] is a great way to learn leadership skills I can apply to my everyday life. I thought I would be the one teaching to the youth participants, but it’s really the other way around too! I loved bonding with participants and staff.” – Diana, Affinity Credit Union 


The role of a Co-op Camp Staff member includes:

  • Working with your Staff team to plan the camp, planning and leading a session,
  • Participating in all sessions, social and recreational events,
  • Supervising the participants throughout the time at camp,
  • Being involved in cooking and cleanup,
  • Daily meetings with your Staff group, and
  • Being a positive role model for participants.

You will be provided with a curriculum manual that will contain all the information you need to plan your session, and all of the above will be fully outlined for you during Staff Training.

The dedication and commitment of the Co-op Camp Staff teams is a key component to the success of the Saskatchewan Co-operative Youth Program over the past 90+ years. With our training and your life experiences, you'll be set for an incredible, enriching and enjoyable experience. 


Whether you are returning as Staff or applying for the first time, please devote a few moments to look through the information noted below. 

  • "All About Staffing at Co-op Camp" is updated every year and features details about staff training, camp dates and your responsibilities at camp
  • Read this special Co-op Camp Staff feature article called "Co-op Camp Mythbusters" for the inside scoop on staffing Co-op Camp!
  • Learn a bit more about Co-op Camp by listening to Spencer and Wes in their video HERE. Shout out to Synergy Credit Union for the video!
  • Review the Co-op Camp Privacy Policy
  • Check out some of our other Co-op Camp pages and our media gallery to get a feel for that Co-op Camp "magic".




2020 Staff application deadline is MARCH 13. Applications are closed for 2020. Thanks to all who applied. 

Staff training is scheduled for May 21 - 23, 2020. Training will be delivered through webinars. We'll contact you directly with information. 


When you're ready to apply, click on the applicable application form below:

  1. SECTOR APPLICATION FORM: For co-operative sector employees, elected officials and volunteers who want to staff Co-op Camp.
  2. ALUMNI APPLICATION FORMFor Camp Alumni who have previously staffed Co-op Camp or who have been invited by the SCA to apply.
  3. JUNIOR STAFF: 2019 Co-op Camp Grad/Senior Grad Alumni who have been invited by SCA to apply as Junior Staff will receive an application in the mail by the end of January 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact Tracey Quiring, Program Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 306-343-3583.