Saskatchewan Co-operative Association
Mar 25

Co-op Camp is facing some new and exciting changes for the 2021 season. Some of these are of our own doing and some are due to the challenges of living through a global pandemic.

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The registration fee for Co-op Camp is split into two parts. The participant and/or their family pay part, and a community or service organization - usually a co-operative or credit union - pays the rest. Every participant requires a co-operative, credit union. school, tribal council or community organization to sponsor them to attend Co-op Camp.

Beyond the financial contribution, the links you make with your sponsoring organization strengthen co-operative ties and creates ongoing relationships between the co-op sector and the community. Because of their sponsorship, you may even find a place to volunteer or get a summer job and use some of your new-found Co-op Camp skills. 

In return for sponsoring you to attend camp, the sponsor may require you to return later in the year to make a presentation on your Co-op Camp experiences at a members’ or staff meeting or submit a summary of what you learned at camp. They might even ask participants to volunteer for one of their activities or meetings, or sit on a task force.


Tips for Finding a Sponsor:

Okay so you want to go to Camp, but you need to find a sponsor. DON’T PANIC! Seriously, you can totally do this!

First, here's a secret: Most Saskatchewan co-operatives and credit unions are looking for young people to sponsor for activities such as Co-op Camp. So, do a little preparation, then contact a co-operative or credit union in your area and ask for sponsorship. Feel free to approach any SCA member organization or co-operative or credit union in Saskatchewan. You might also approach tribal councils, schools, community organizations and service clubs. 

  1. Be prepared.
    - Have all the information you need about Co-op Camp (including the brochure and registration form) ready to share with your potential sponsor. (TIP: Don't assume the person you're talking to knows all the details of Co-op Camp!)
    - Find out if that organization sponsored participants last year by looking under SCYP Sponsors to see who sponsored youth from your area last year.
    - If you’re nervous about asking, then practice your request on someone you trust before you make your sales pitch to the potential sponsor.
    - Visiting in person is the best, but you might want to email or call first to set up an appointment, or confirm the best person to talk with.

  2.  Give them all the information that’s important so they can make the decision to invest in you.
    - Tell them all about the program, the week you want to attend, the amount of sponsorship you need, etc.
    - Tell them what you hope to do at camp, and what it might mean for you (increased self confidence, new skills you can use at a job, a better understanding of co-operatives, etc.).
    - Show them the brochure! Durding your visit, you can also give the sponsor this website address to find out more about the program. 

  3.  Offer to give something back.
    - Past participants have given written and/or oral reports at meetings, or have volunteered for their sponsoring organization.
    - This gives your sponsor a chance to learn about what you did at Co-op Camp and an opportunity for you to share your story to staff, members or young people.
    - Don’t make any commitments you won’t keep.

  4.  Leave a great impression.
    - Even if the organization doesn’t decide to sponsor you, be polite and courteous. Thank them for taking the time to listen to your request. The same organization might decide to sponsor you or someone else next year.

  5.  Know who approved your sponsorship.
    - Be sure to write down the name, job title, and phone and email of the person who agrees to sponsor you! Get the full organization name.
    - Make sure they have your complete name and contact information, too! (They may also want your parent's or guardian's contact info so have that handy.)

If you are having troubles finding a sponsor after following these steps, don’t worry! Contact us and the Co-op Camp office will be happy to help you out. We make sure that no one is turned away due to lack of sponsorship.


Check out this video! It explains the sponsorship process and gives you some tips for talking to sponsors.

Click here to view the list of co-operative and community organizations that sponsored participants last year.


Organizations you can approach for sponsorship

There are about 900 co-op and credit union head offices in Saskatchewan, and many of them have locations in communities all across our province. This MAP may help you locate a co-op in your area. Some of the selections below are linked to external websites to help you find a location near you.

(“Tips for Finding a Sponsor” courtesy of ACCA's Co-operative Youth Program.)