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Feb 10


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Camp Kindling is the new name of Co-op Camp / the Saskatchewan Co-operative Youth Program. We have been leading Co-operative Youth Education in the province for more than 90 years. With almost 45,000 alumni, Camp Kindling has been a major contributor to co-operative youth education in the province and is one of the best-known initiatives of Saskatchewan Co-operative Association.

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Camp Kindling, previously known as Co-op Camp or the Saskatchewan Co-operative Youth Program/SCYP - is a series of four- and five-day overnight summer camp sessions held in July and August. 

Camp Kindling is specially designed for youth ages 12 to 18 to meet new people, develop leadership skills, learn more about co-operatives and how to get involved in the community -- and participate in a memorable summer experience. 

These experiences, and the bonding that takes place between participants, all help to create the legendary Camp “Magic”.

 Activities are participatory and interactive, and challenge participants to work together. Of course, Camp Kindling also offers water activities, canoeing, volleyball, campfires, and other recreational opportunities.  

Camp Kindling is a core program of the Saskatchewan Co-operative Association. The theme and graphics change annually.


It’s been called Co-op Schools, the Saskatchewan Co-operative Youth Program, Co-op Camp and now is known as Camp Kindling. For more than 95 years, this celebrated youth leadership program has been promoting co-operative values and bringing out the best in young people. Almost 45,000 young people have taken part in Camp Kindling or its predecessors.

Since its founding in 1928, Camp Kindling has evolved into a series of summer camps sessions that contribute to the personal development of youth and encourage their active involvement in community and co‑operative organizations.

The curriculum has changed over the decades. In many ways it mirrors the evolution of Saskatchewan’s co-operatives and credit unions and the province’s shift towards urbanization. Sessions are continually added and updated. Leadership, self-confidence and co-op values, though, have always been core to the Program. After all, these are the building blocks that continue to create the Camp Magic. Learn more about the 90th anniversary of Co-op Camp.

HERE are a few highlights and a timeline from the book we made for our 80th anniversary: Co-operative Youth Education in Saskatchewan: Co-op Schools and the Saskatchewan Co-operative Youth Program, written by Saskatchewan youth. The book celebrates the essence of the program and documents its history, development, and achievements through archival research, personal interviews, and information gleaned from internal documents. To order your own copy of this awesome and informative book for only $20, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


To contribute to the personal development of youth and encourage their active involvement in community and co-operative organizations.


The Saskatchewan Co-operative Youth Program contributes to the personal development of youth and encourages their active involvement in community and co-operative organizations. The uniqueness of the Program stems from its ability to provide a co-operative, participatory learning experience for young people, co-op staff and volunteers, within a positive, enjoyable environment.


Camp Kindling has a fundamental respect for people. We honour the uniqueness of the individual and the value of groups. Respect fosters openness and authentic self expression which, in turn, builds trust. We enhance this trusting atmosphere through sharing, listening and respecting confidentiality.


Camp Kindling values co-operation and democratic practices. We value the input of each individual, and through teamwork, we effectively achieve our goals. Through group decision making and communication we generate a spirit of co-operation and sense of community.


Camp Kindling respects the equality of people. We believe in social responsibility, justice and economic empowerment through co-operatives. We welcome a diversity of beliefs, cultures and values in our program and we act to include this diversity.


Camp Kindling values the growth and development of people and their co-operatives. We contribute to personal growth through education, participation and skill development which, in turn, benefits co-operatives. Our program serves as an information link between youth and co-operatives in Saskatchewan.


Camp Kindling believes in the interdependence of people. We build a social bond between individuals through understanding, consideration and interaction. We act with a responsibility to care for others.

One Camper's Experience

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