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Saskatchewan Co-operative Association
Feb 10

SCA has developed a series of webinars for those who want to learn about co-operatives in a cost effective way.

From time to time, we offer live webinar events where you can interact with the presenter and other participants. This series focuses on providing business development information, tools and methods that will empower and educate your co-op's members, board and staff to co-operate faster.

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Currently Available Webinars

You can purchase and download the pre-recorded webinars for viewing at any time by following these intructions:

Step 1: Click the "Buy Now" button below the webinar you would like to purchase.
Step 2: Pay for the webinar either via PayPal or credit card. The fee is $15 plus GST.
Step 3: Once you pay for the webinar , you will be forwarded to YouTube for access to the webinar. Be sure to bookmark the page for future viewing.
Step 4: Enjoy your video purchase!

Having payment or video issues? Please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Starting a Co-operative in 6 Steps

6stepswebsize 000This Webinar will introduce you to the 6 steps to starting a co-operative and provide you key advice and resources for each step. It is targeted at the general public interested in exploring the co-operative opportunity and people considering starting a co-operative.

Introduction to Co-operatives

IntrotoCo opsPowerPointwebThis pre-recorded webinar is targeted at the general public interested in exploring the co-operative opportunity, and people newly involved in co-operatives such as new co-operative employees.

The objectives of this webinar are to:
1. define what a co-operative is;
2. give you an overview of the forms of co-operatives;
3. provide a general overview of the core principles of co-operatives; and
4. discuss what is different about co-operatives in comparison with other organization structures.

The presenter of this webinar is Patrick Lapointe, Co-operative Development Officer for Saskatchewan Co-operative Association.


 Incorporating your Co-operative Under the Saskatchewan Co-operatives Act

CaptureThis pre-recorded webinar gives step-by-step instructions for completing an application to incorporate a new co-operative under the Saskatchewan Co-operative’s Act. This webinar is of interest to new co-operatives that have reached the incorporation stage of the developmental process or members of the general public interested in how to incorporate a co-operative in Saskatchewan.

Viewers will learn:

  • How to choose a name for their co-operative;
  • How to find and download the Incorporation Kit which includes all the necessary document from Saskatchewan Information Services Corporation (ISC);
  • How to identify the different parts of the Incorporation Kit;
  • How to fill out each section of the Incorporation Kit; and
  • How to file an application for incorporation.

The speaker for this webinar is Fred Khonje, past Co-operative Development Officer with Saskatchewan Co-operative Association.

**Please note that ISC has updated/changed their fees and moved to more of an online process since this webinar was created, so a few of the details have changed, but the overall process is very similar.**



Co-operative Marketing in the Digital Age

UniteCoopDigitalWebinarForSaskCo opAssociation Page 01 webIs your co-operative business digital marketing strategy up to snuff? Does your co-operative even have a digital marketing strategy? With the right social media tactics, marketing techniques and plan your co-op business can attract new customers/members and deepen their engagement with your co-op brand.

Fred Reibin and Roshan Hoover from Unite Digital Marketing Worker’s Co-operative offer insight and tips into marketing your co-operative big or small, in a digital world.

The webinar will highlight and go over the following:

  • Cutting through the jargon in the digital world
  • Leveraging the Co-operative Advantage to build relationships
  • Creating an effective promotional strategy that incorporates traditional and social media
  • Elements of an effective social media strategy
  • Effectively allocating promotional budgets
  • The art of knowing your customer in the digital world
  • Cost effective methods to get started with social media marketing



Capturing Your Co-operative Advantage

Hear from two great speakers on capturing your co-operative advantage.

SaskCoopAssnJan14 GeorginaWhyatt Page 01The "MOCA" Strategy
Georgina Whyatt of Oxford Brookes University presents on the Marketing Our Co-operative Advantage (MOCA) Strategy. By the end of her persentaiton you will understand how to implement this as a marketing strategy and what organizational factors in your co-op can enable you to capitalize on your co-operative advantage. Applying MOCA to your co-op business is very much the responsibility of all levels of the co-op and not simply the marketing team.


SaskatchewanwebinarJanuary15 DonnaBalkan Page 01Creating a Co-operative Identity Online
In today’s wired world, the internet is the single most important tool for marketing your business or organization. For co-operatives, this means more than just marketing their goods and services: it also means promoting what makes co-ops different from other enterprises.

Donna Balkan, former Communications Manager of the Canadian Co-operative Association, has researched the extent to which Canadian co-operatives reflect the co-op difference on their websites, and the results may be surprising.



Introduction to Co-operative Financing

SCA P456 IntroductiontoCo opFinancing Slides1Speaker: Peter Hough

The presentation will give a brief overview of co-operative financing. Subject matter covered in this webinar include a providing a working definition of financing; determining financing needs; types of capital used for financing; and approaches to obtaining financing.

The presentation will be useful for anyone seeking a basic understanding of financing issues, particularly people who are in the process of developing or expanding a co-operative, or who are just interested in broadening their knowledge of co-operative financing.



Wise & Enjoyable Co-operative Governance

SCA P456 WiseEnjoyableCo opGovernance Slides1Speaker: Vanessa Hammond

Whether yours is a new or experienced co-op, add your wisdom to this conversation about the heart of successful co-operation.The members of First Ownership Co-op combine over 100 years of co-op membership, development, leadership across Canada, around the world. Learn from their experience how to set a new co-op on a good path through wise, enjoyable governance and how to help an established co-op get back on track. Vanessa Hammond enlightens us in her presentation "Wise & Enjoyable Co-operative Governance." Whether yours is a new or experienced co-op, add your wisdom to this conversation about the heart of successful co-operation.