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Saskatchewan Co-operative Association
Feb 10

Depending on whether you incorporate in Saskatchewan or federally, and what type of co-op your organization will become, there are different co-op and credit union acts to be incorporated under.

We have assembled links to legislation relevant to Saskatchewan co-ops and credit union below. 

  • The Saskatchewan Co-operatives Act, 1996: View Here
  • The New Generation Co-operatives Act: View Here
  • The Credit Union Act, 1998: View Here
  • The Canada Co-operatives Act, 1998: View Here 

MODERNIZING THE SASK CO-OP ACT: The process is beginning. february 28 calendar date icon free vector

The Government of Saskatchewan is planning to update and modernize the Saskatchewan Co-operatives Act in 2023. The timing of the review has been delayed, but is now beginning. The Act was created in 1996 and has had only minimal changes in the 27 years it has been in force.

Up until February 28th, 2023, and following this process, the government was accepting co-op sector feedback about the current Act, including roadblocks, red-tape, technology gaps, outdated rules, regulations or practices. And soliciting input and suggestions about new legislation. 

(Saskatchewan credit unions operate under different legislation and are not affected by this process.)