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Feb 10

Here you'll find co-op development guides and resources, information about co-ops, teacher resources and Co-op Week publications and features.




Teacher Resources

We’ve developed co-operative education resources for high school and middle school teachers (and others who want to educate others on co-ops). Download them for free HERE.


Co-op Development Guides and Resources

General Co-op Development:

Co-operative Development StepsAlthough every co-op (and co-op working group) will approach development in its own way, there are several key steps that successful co-operatives follow to get started. We’ve summarized the co-operative development steps for your reference.


Co-operative Development Self-Assessment ToolThis self-assessment tool will assist your group in understanding how far along you are in developing your co-op, and will identify some of the concepts and components that should be involved.


A Guide to Incorporating a Co-operative in SaskatchewanThis guide was developed by SCA to assist groups in understanding how to complete the co-operative incorporation process in Saskatchewan. Included are

  • Details on the steps to the incorporation process,
  • Links to forms you'll need to complete,
  • Tips, and
  • A checklist to help you successfully submit your incorporation paperwork.


Co-operative Law:

Understanding Co-operative and Non-Profit Law, by Robert Dobrohoczki: A work commissioned by Saskatchewan Co-operative Association and Le Conseil Économique et coopératif de la Saskatchewan to clarify the relationship between co-operative law and non-profit and charitable status in Saskatchewan. Available materials include the complete paper and a fact sheet


Worker Co-operatives and Employment Law in Canada: This paper, provided by the Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation, examines the relationship between worker co-operatives and employment law in Canada. It provides information on the definition of an employee, the rights of members, the rights of employers, the method of proper termination and the role of labour unions. The paper provides recommendations for worker co-operatives to consider as they navigate the legislation in order to create a strong co-operative and a workplace beneficial to its membership.


Sector specific

Childcare Co-operatives:

  • The Ontario Co-operative Association has assembled a Childcare Co-operative Toolkit that includes a guidebook to starting a childcare co-op, financial planning templates, a business planning guide & much more!
  • The Parent Co-operative Pre-School Corporation also has a website full of helpful information and resources for those looking to start their own childcare co-operative. 

Co-operative Farming:

The Greenhorns, a non-traditional grassroots non-profit organization dedicated to recruiting, promoting and supporting young farmers, have produced Cooperative Farming: Frameworks for Farming Together, an in-depth resource for farming collaborative businesses. 

Indigenous Co-operative Development:

Local People, Local Solutions: A Guide to First Nation Co-operative Development in Saskatchewan

SCA partnered with the Saskatchewan First Nations Economic Development Network to develop this resource to support First Nations' co-operative development. 

Indigenous/Local Food Co-ops:

Local Food Co-ops:

Working Together for Local Food is a detailed resource guide aimed at inspiring and encouraging people involved in local food activities to form co-operatives. It also includes a resource guide for new and emerging co-operatives. Developed by the Canadian Co-operative Association. 

Solar Co-operatives:

SES Solar Co-operative, from Saskatoon, developed a very useful and comprehensive guide to help new solar power groups work through the development process. Check it out here.

Understanding Financial Statements, for Housing Co-ops:

The Co-op Housing Federation of Canada has prepare this handy guide.

Information About Co-operatives

SCA’s Co-operative Information Booklet

"Saskatchewan Co-operatives: Supporting Economic Growth and Sustainability" contains basic information about co-operatives, statistics, stories, and ideas about where the co-operative model can support continued economic growth in Saskatchewan. (Please note that while this remains a very useful snapshot of the Saskatchewan co-operative sector, some of the statistics are becoming dated.)



Co-op Week Publications and News Stories

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