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Saskatchewan Co-operative Association
Feb 10

Bylaws describe how the co-op's board and members will work together, what the roles are, how decision making will happen, and other governance details.

This is the time to decide:

  • The size, composition and authority of the board
  • How the membership will be involved
  • How members can join the co-op and how members can be removed
  • How capital for start up will be raised

While some bylaws will be the same for each co-operative, some will need to be adapted to reflect your co-op’s structure and decisions. You should always work with a professional to craft or amend your bylaws. Additional information and tips are provided in our Guide to Incorporating a Co-operative in Saskatchewan. Co-ops First has also published a sample set of bylaws **but these bylaws should only be used as a guide - you'll need to adapt them to your co-operative.

Some additional resources that may be helpful: