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Feb 10

Co-op Week is a time to reflect on the contributions the co-operative sector has made to the lives of Canadians and celebrate the impact that co-operatives have in our communities. 

Co-op Week activities are held all across the country. Saskatchewan co-ops and credit unions are strong supporters of Co-op Week and don't hesitate to show their co-op pride. We use the week to celebrate our unique business model, as well as the contributions of co-op members -- and to proudly promote ourselves. 

Co-op Week has been proclaimed across Canada every October since 1982. International Credit Union Day has been celebrated worldwide on the third Thursday of October since 1948. Co-op Week is always held fom the Sunday to the Saturday of the week in which International Credit Union Day falls. (ICU Day is always the third Thursday of October.)

Co-op Week 2021!

We are thrilled to be able to plan for some in person events for Co-op Week 2021! There will also be some online events and activities as well.

Co-op Week Dates 2021: October 17-23

Planning for Co-op Week 2021 is in the works. Some highlights will include:

  • The Saskatchewan Co-operative Merit Awards, October 18, in Regina
  • Co-op Week #LocalCoopLove Online Scavenger Hunt, October 17-23, everywhere
  • Co-op Week Flag Raising Ceremony, October 18, in Regina
  • Co-op Week Lunch and Learn, Date TBD, in Saskatoon
  • Co-op Week Lunch and Learn, Date TBD, in Regina
  • Truth and Reconciliation for Co-ops and Credit Unions Webinar Series, week of Sept. 27 - week of Oct. 18, online


Co-op Week 2020

coop header 

 Co-op Week in 2020 takes place October 11-17. 

This year's Co-op Week Theme is: The Co-op Effect: Count Me In! Click on the image above to download your copy of the logo. 

This year's International Credit Union Day Theme is: Inspiring Hope for a Global Community. Download ICU Day materials HERE.


On this page:



Co-op and credit union leaders, members and friends are invited to attend the annual Co-op Week Flag Raising ceremony on Tuesday, October 13th at 11.45am. The event is hosted by SCA.

The ceremony will be held outside the Legislative Building, at the flag pole area. COVID-19 protocols are in place and masks are required. Attendance is capped at 30 persons. 

Click on the invitation image below to download or share with others. Please join us in Regina and help launch Co-op Week 2020.

Flag Raising Invite 2020




You are welcome to join us for a free Co-op Week webinar on Wednesday, October 14th at 12noon (Saskatchewan time).

Wayne Schatz, Vice President and General Counsel, Operations and Distribution, The Co-operators Group Limited, speaks on "Co-operative Identity: Why Should I Care?". Wayne will explore how co-operative enterprises are more relevant than ever in today's world. He'll challenge you to question the assumptions we make every day which may weaken co-operative identity. 

The webinar will wrap up with insights on positioning co-ops as agents of change and catalysts for a shift in thinking. 


Click on the image below to download the brochure. Please share widely.Webinar Promo




Scavenger Hunt Promo

Click on the image above to download the complete rules and instructions on how to play.

Complete the Co-op Week Scavenger Hunt.
Win prizes! Celebrate Co-op Week!

 Play solo or with a team. YOU DON'T NEED TO BE FROM SASKATCHEWAN. 

The Scavenger Hunt and its prizes are available to co-op and credit union staff and members, and sector supporters and friends all across the world. (After all, it's 2020 - we're thinking well outside the box this year!!)
• Play from anywhere using the GooseChase App, (In the app, enter #localcooplove or game code 3K3DER to play) a smartphone and an internet connection (If you want to play offline, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the missions, and then tag us and post your responses on social media or email your responses to SCA)
• The scavenger hunt is designed with safety during the pandemic in mind!



Co-operative team play is heating up, with several co-ops having already registered a team. Get in on the fun and register a team from your co-operative!

You do not have to live or work in Saskatchewan. The scavenger hunt is not limited to Saskatchewan and can be played from almost anywhere.

Please share this widely through your networks. Download the Scavenger Hunt details from this LINK and send to your friends and colleagues. 

SHARE THE #LOCALCOOPLOVE WITH OTHERS: Raise the awareness of your co-op or credit union, and the other co-operatives in your community through the Scavenger Hunt.

  • Here is a fun, low-stress (and safe) way to involve your municipal, provincial and federal elected officials. (Mix a little business with the pleasure!)
  • Include your employees and members! Propose this as a team-building exercise for your staff or as a fun way to engage your membership of any age 
  • Not sure how to proceed? Call 306-343-3582 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can help set this up

TEAM PLAY. Choose a team name. If you’re playing on the GooseChase app, all teammates should add themselves to the team (team creator will need to share your team’s access code) when they log in. If you’re not using the app, tag your teammates on social media or tell us their names in an email or through social media.

SOLO PLAY. Congrats! You're a team of one. Simply follow the insructions above.



  1. The app is the preferred and easiest method of playing. Click HERE for instructions on how to use GooseChase and download it from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android). The instructions file includes the links to click on that will actually download the app.
  2. To play – download the GooseChase app and search for #LocalCoopLove or game code 3K3DER.

  3. If you don't want to download the app, there are two other ways to play -


To be entered to win a prize, you will need to complete the scavenger hunt any time during Canada's Co-op Week (October 11-17, 2020)

The game goes live at 12PM Saskatchewan time on October 11, and is playable until 4PM October 17 SK time. You have this time to complete all the tasks (and if you’re not playing in the App, to post/tag/email us your responses).

Prize winners will be chosen at random from those who complete the scavenger hunt and/or on the basis of their creativity with the misssions. Prizes are NOT based on finishing first!


WE'D APPRECIATE YOUR HELP. SCA will be providing a number of prizes for the Co-op Week Scavenger Hunt. If your organization would like to donate a prize, please email Victoria at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Play to celebrate Co-op Week! Play for the glory of completing the missions and to get a social media shout out from us (if you want one)!

coop cover

CoopWeek2020 hashtag2


View the 2020 Co-op Week feature, a partnership between SCA and Planet S and Prairie Dog magazines. This special feature appears in the October 1st issues of Prairie Dog and Planet S magazines (the province’s only co-operative media outlets)

  • Download the 8-page Co-op Week feature in Planet S and Prairie Dog Magazines by clicking on the image at right. 
  • Co-op Week community features and articles typically appear in many Saskatchewan papers. Please send links to SCA and we'll include them before, during and after Co-op Week. 
  • Use the hashtags #CoopWeek, #CoopWeek2020, #ICUDay and #CreditUnionDay.



SCA has created a Co-op Week logo that you can download for use in social media. Click HERE. As well, you may use any image on our website or in our past and present social media posts. 

Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada has created a number of #CoopWeek2020 promotional resources that you may use. Click HERE to view and download -

  • Email Signatures
  • Social Media Headers
  • Social Media Posts
  • Infographics of relevant statistics for social media

We encourage co-operatives to sing their praises and contributions all year long. But, here are some of the things that your co-operative or credit union can do during Co-op Week:

  • Explain the various benefits of the co-operative business model for creating a sustainable economy in the province;
  • Celebrate the significant contributions of co-operatives in communities across Saskatchewan;
  • Promote the relevance of the co-operative model, its mission as a local and sustainable development tool, as well the values and principles that guide it. In other words, promote the Co-operative Identity – what makes us diverse and what unifies us;
  • Explore inter-co-operation through Principle Six: Co-operation among Co-operatives;
  • Develop a better understanding of the advantages of co-operation among the board, staff, members of the movement and the general public.*

Send information about your Co-op Week and Credit Union Day events to SCA so that we can help promote them. Tag @CoopNewsSK in your social media posts. Use the hashtags #CoopWeek or #ICUDay and we will amplify your messages.


Here are some tips to promote your co-op and the national co-operative sector during Co-op Week, courtesy of Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada.

  • Add Co-op Week visuals to your email signature ahead of time and ask your employees and volunteers to do the same;
  • Print the posters and make them visible to your members, employees and volunteers;
  • Use the #CoopWeek and #ICUDay hashtags;
  • Share success stories about co-ops in your communities, and include sector infographics on your social media feeds;
  • Share the statistics of the study Economic Impact of the Co-operative Sector in Canada (the fact sheet and the infographic are easy to use highlights for your social media posts);;
  • Share the Canada co-op map;;
  • At the beginning of your Co-op Week activities, show the Solving Challenges Together video to participants and share it on your social media feeds;
  • Leverage Co-op Week materiel for your government relations activities.

Co-operative Resources

Co-op Week is a great opportunity to promote the co-operative sector and tell Saskatchewan co-operative success stories. If you need some information or inspiration, download our information booklets or contact our office.

MLAKITCoverweb 000 coop week booklet 2015 web
Our co-operative information booklet, Saskatchewan Co-operatives: Supporting Economic Growth and Sustainability includes:

• general information about co-operatives
• local, national and international co-operative statistics
• co-operative success stories and opportunities
• information about SCA, our services and our members.

SCA's Co-op Week Toolkit is your guide to creating a memorable, successful celebration. The toolkit includes information on what co-op week is, why it is celebrated, ideas for community involvement, building membership, educating youth, advertising your event and more.


Co-op Week is a uniquely Canadian phenomenon. The USA designates October as Co-op Month, while the International Co-operative Alliance and United Nations celebrate an International Day of Co-operatives on the first Saturday in July.

Co-op Day: The United Nations' (UN) International Day of Co-operatives is observed on the first Saturday of July each year. Some of the day's goals are to increase awareness on cooperatives, as well as strengthen and extend partnerships between the international co-operative movement and other supporting organizations including governments.


* Courtesy of the Ontario Co-operative Association