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The Saskatchewan Co-operative Merit Awards honour individuals and organizations that have made an outstanding contribution to co-operatives and credit unions in Saskatchewan. 


Nominations for the 2023 Saskatchewan Co-operative Merit Awards are open now and close May 7, 2023.
Download the Merit Awards informational brochure, suitable for emailing, sharing or printing HERE





Follow these eight nomination steps.
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  1.  Identify a person or an organization that has made an outstanding contribution to co-operatives and credit unions in Saskatchewan. 

  2. Select an Awards category. (You may submit nominations for different people or organizations in multiple categories - but not the same person in multiple awards.) If you're note sure, don't worry, the committee can change the category if need be.
  3. Gather information to support the nomination from existing and past co-operative organizations and colleagues. Download and review these nomination form questions as your guide when creating your nomination.
    Important: As you develop your nomination, remember that the Selection Committee is looking for stories and details of the actions your nominee has taken and how your nominee has created a positive impact (not just a CV or list of their accomplishments).  
  4. Submit your nomination(s) online by the deadline. If you are submitting multiple award nominations or need to submit in MS Word format, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (Documents submitted in Word format must still follow the format used in the sample nomination form.)
  5. Nominations will be reviewed by a Selection Committee. Both nominees and nominators will be notified by letter if the nominee has been selected as an award recipient.
  6. Award recipients will be required to validate the accuracy of the information, and consent to the publishing of any photographs or information provided by the nominator.
  7. The 2023 Awards will be presented during National Co-op Week (Oct. 15-21, 2023).
  8. Nominations for individuals not selected as an award recipient can be revised and re-submitted in a subsequent year. Self nominations for the Co-operative Enterprise Award are welcome.  Click on the image above to download a PDF of the nomination flyer and details. g


Awards are presented in some or all of the following four categories. To download a copy of these categories and the eligibility requirements, click HERE.

For long, varied and meritorious service by individuals in volunteer and/or elected positions within co-operatives and credit unions.
Eligibility: Current or former Saskatchewan residents who have served as elected officials, volunteers and members of co-operatives and credit unions locally, provincially, nationally or internationally.

For those who inspire others as a role model, leader and mentor through the development and expansion of co-operatives and credit unions, or increasing awareness and understanding of co-operatives and co-op principles.
Eligibility: Current or former Saskatchewan residents, such as employees, elected officials, volunteers and members of co-operatives and credit unions.

For leadership, innovation and achievement in co-operative business and member service initiatives for the social and economic development of the co-operative sector.
Eligibility: Co-operatives, credit unions and organizations working on behalf of the co-operative sector, operating in Saskatchewan. Organizations may be nominated or self-nominate.

For outstanding contribution by a young person to co-operatives and credit unions in Saskatchewan.
Eligibility: Saskatchewan residents under age 36 (at the time of nomination) who have demonstrated personal support of and involvement in at least one co-operative or credit union.


  • Download and review the sample nomination form
    This PDF version of the actual nomination form shows all of the questions and information required. It will allow you to gather your thoughts and prepare your nomination package advance before completing your online submission. Note that this PDF is not fillable and will not save your answers. 

  • Create your nomination package in MS Word and cut and paste the answers into the online nomination form.
    This helps avoid losing your work in case you experience technical difficulties with the online system. 

  • Important: Include specific examples of the nominee's contributions to the betterment of each co-operative they've been involved with. Provide examples of the role they played in some of the milestones or significant achievements of the organization.
    We recommend that you share stories of the impact your nominee has had, which can be more meaningful than simply a list of their accomplishments. (You may also submit a CV/resume or list of their accomplishments, but please also include stories and examples.)

  • You may need to gather information from other co-operatives or organizations your nominee has been involved in. 
    Supporting materials such as letters of support, resumes or other documentation are welcome. Letters of support strengthen your nomination! Ask those who have worked or served with the nominee to write 
    a letter outlining stories and specific examples of the nominee’s contributions to co-operatives.

  • Nominations are not only assessed on length of service, but also on the specific contributions and innovations the nominee has made to the organization(s) and the community while in each role.

  • Be sure to include names and/or contact information for any media that we should contact if the nominee is selected, such as local tv and radio stations, newspapers, etc.
    Also include any trade publications, federations/associations, service clubs, professional networks, etc. that should be notified by SCA. This will allow us to recognize the award recipient in their communities and sectors. 

  • Completed nomination packages must be submitted online or reach the SCA office by 11:59pm on May 7, 2023 to be considered.  


Scroll down to learn more about each recipient and to watch a brief videoCMAP 2022 RECIPIENTS

Naomi Seaborg

Co-operative Young Leaders Award

Naomi is a living example of the co-operative value “Concern for Community.” Naomi started her co-operative career in 2007 with Conexus Credit Union and hasn’t looked back.

When she is not staffing at Camp Kindling, Naomi is developing and mentoring Conexus’s Emerging Leaders and in her spare time volunteering in her community of Drake. Read MORE.

Gordon Lightfoot

Lifetime Co-operative Achievement Award

Gordon is seen as an innovative and future-focused leader whose decisions are always guided by the co-operative principles. His approach to governance ensured that the member’s best interest was always at the heart of the board’s decisions.

Gordon has served in co-operative governance for more than 40 years and led Innovation Credit Union to the success it enjoys today. Read MORE.

Gene Krepakevich

Lifetime Co-operative Achievement Award (posthumous)

A self-described “co-op man,” Gene served for 42 years on the local co-op board, retiring earlier this year. In the 1980s, Yorkton Co-op was struggling, and Gene is credited with saving the organization.

Through skillful negotiations and honest communication, Gene was able to turn the co-op around. Today Legacy Co-op continues to thrive, due in part to Gene’s dedication. Read MORE.

CSS Pension

Co-operative Enterprise Award

For more than 80 years, CSS Pension has been a competitive advantage for co-operatives and credit unions across Canada.

Seen as an innovative leader in the pension industry, CSS Pension is one a few pension companies which offers a fixed monthly plan and retirement planning services for their members. Read MORE.




Merit Awards Invite page 001

We held the annual Co-operative Merit Awards Banquet on October 17, 2022, at the Atlas Hotel, 4177 Albert St, Regina.


Our 2022 Award Recipients during the Awards Ceremony: Back- Ken Francis, MLA Kindersley; Gordon LIghtfoot; Martin McInnis, CSS Pension; and SCA board president, Jim Deane. Front - Naomi Seaborg; and Mrs. Gene Krepakevich.

Download the invitatation with all the details (suitable for emailing or printing) HERE.

Download the Awards event program HERE.  n


SCA presented the 2020 and 2021 Saskatchewan Co-operative Merit Awards at the Awards dinner and ceremony on October 18th, 2021. The 2020 Merit Awards were deferred because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Back row: Keith Nixon; Josh Noble; Muhammad Fiaz, MLA for Regina Pasqua; Lori Sanders; Brad Schultz
Front row: Liz Kerpan; Jim Deane, president, SCA board of directors; Wes Filson; Kim Schmidt; Karla (Kerpan) Kain
Absent: Stuart Dyrland

Scroll down to view celebratory videos of each recipient. Brief biographies on all recipients can be found HERE

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Recipients headshots combined small 2021





  • MILTON KERPAN (posthumous)












Stuart Dyrland


Brad Schultz 


Milton Kerpan


Keith Nixon


Lori Sanders


Wes Filson


Josh Noble


Kim Schmidt


Saskatchewan Co-operative Merit Award Archives

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