About SCA

Saskatchewan Co-operative Association
Feb 10

Membership in SCA is open to all co-operatives, credit unions, federations of co-operatives, stakeholders and other organizations that can use the services and support the objectives of SCA.

For most co-operatives and new members, annual membership dues start at $250. We'd love for you to join SCA - we'll all become stronger through membership.

What Does SCA Offer Members?

Being part of your provincial co-operative association provides value to your organization through the programs and services SCA offers to youth, co-op elected officials, management, and members, and the general public. Working together at the provincial level enables co-operatives to better connect to each other, learn from each other, and ensure that young people, elected officials and management have access to co-operative specific education and expertise. Through SCA, members can work together on strategic initiatives at the provincial level. SCA represents all types of co-operatives and works to increase awareness and understanding of co-operatives throughout the province.

Why Support SCA?

Saskatchewan Co-operative Association exists to build the co-op community. Without SCA, there would be no provincial co-operative youth education program, and co-operatives would have no consistent opportunities at the provincial level to come together as a sector and learn about co-operative specific business strategies and tactics. We are the primary source of both youth and adult non-academic co-operative education in Saskatchewan.

Your membership and involvement in SCA activities directly helps SCA exist. By supporting your provincial association, you create the environment for co-operative expertise, co-operative spirit, and inter-co-operation: SCA is the essence of co-operative principle 6 in action: co-operation among co-operatives. By working together, we can do more, learn more, and create a bigger impact than we can working alone.

Join SCA!

Join the co-operative community! Here's the application form. Once you've applied we will be in contact to tell you more about the application process.

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