Tracey Quiring

Tracey Quiring

Thursday, 25 June 2020 17:01

The A-Z of Co-op Camp

Part one: The first 9 letters that make up the song 😊

Have you ever gone somewhere and had a whole new language thrown at you? I don’t mean that grade 12 trip to Europe, where they ACTUALLY speak a different language, I mean somewhere where the lingo is just all new?  When I first got to Co-op Camp, I had absolutely no idea what a Warm Fuzzy was, or exactly why people wanted to be “cannibals”. Our first block of letters covers the new words you may hear at Co-op Camp from A-I.  Some of these are essential to having a great summer at Co-op Camp!

Camp A Z 1

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Monday, 15 June 2020 15:50

Try Everything

Try Everything

Image by: Fablproductions                                                                                                                                             

Okay, so I know that this is a reaaaalllly strange thing to say to a bunch of teenagers, but there is a valid life lesson here. 

Try Everything.  

Really.  Do it.  Try it!

Wait… ok, what about the things that are bad for you… Well, maybe don’t try things that are illegal, or immoral, or plain stupid… Tide Pod Challenge, anyone??? 

What I mean by Try Everything, is give life a chance.  Try things that scare you.  Try things that are out of your comfort zone.  When was the last time you tried something new?  Show of hands… What was it?  Were you successful??? How did it make you feel to try it? 

Here’s the thing.  Trying new things can be very daunting.  The unfamiliar makes us nervous. Leaving our comfort zones puts us in a vulnerable position and leaves the little voice in our heads screaming questions and statements at us.  “Should I do this??? Can I Do this?? Do I Look Stupid... I look stupid, I should just stop.” 

Way too often we let the fear stop us.  But when we push ourselves out of our comfort zone, it is really good for us.  Trying things gives us the chance to learn and grow.  We can learn new things about ourselves, and about the world around us.

You must let go of the fear and just do it.  Often, you will feel like people are staring, or judging you. Here’s the thing:  They are thinking the same thing that you are about them.  Most of the time, they are mulling the same fears over in their own heads, and when you look up, furtively from your plans, and happen to make eye contact, they are thinking the same “oh crap, see someone is looking at me…” that you were.

If you follow Co-op Camp on Instagram or Facebook, (@coopcamprocks and Saskatchewan Co-operative Youth Program, respectively), we do a weekly introduction of a Co-op Camp Staffer.  These people are the amazing volunteers who help us run the Camp program summer after summer.  This year we are not doing camp in our traditional form, but there will be some new and interactive events and activities.  This is because of the hard work of these two Co-op Camp Alumni, Sean den Hollander and Nicole Rowlett, the 2020 Program Assistants. I asked them to give us some info and let us get to know them a little bit.  Here is our Meet the Team Monday - Blog Edition!



                                         sean                                                                           nicole

Wednesday, 01 April 2020 15:35

Co-op Camp is our Constant

Camp Constant square

This is a crazy world. From Tiger Kings, to Covid-19 scares, to unstable economics, the world is a crazy and sometimes scary place.  It can feel like once you get a handle on the situation, something comes along and changes your world entirely. Even when there aren’t huge looming critical events, even simply growing up and moving from one stage of life to the next, change is the inevitable. “Change is the only constant in the world.” We hear this every dang day it seems.

I heard something that, in the midst of all of the 2020 commotion that is happening all around us right now, calmed my anxiety about our world situation and made me take a breath.  Camp will be there for us when this is all over. This person didn’t mean just the physical location, or the curriculum. They meant Co-op Camp.

If you have signed up to come and volunteer a few days this summer at one of our Co-op Camp sessions, first, THANK YOU, and second, have you got some trepidation about coming?  Don't be nervous!  Betweeen your Staff Training Workshop scheduled near the end of May and these handy tips, you will look like a professional Camp Staffer!  (And in case you haven't handed an application into the Co-op Camp office yet... What are you waiting for?!?  The deadline to apply is March 13, 2020.)

Here are 8 things to do before you come to Staff at Co-op Camp: 

When an outgoing child gets signed up for camp for the first time, they are usually very excited to go. They anticipate the camp experience as an exciting new place filled with exciting new people and exciting new things to do and try. For a child who is shy, or has anxiety, the thought of going to a summer camp, whether for a few days, a week, or a month, is overwhelming and can be terrifying. The idea of new people, places, and experiences is overwhelming and can cause the child to fight the idea of going to the camp at all.

In the case of Co-op Camp, even just getting this child on the bus could prove difficult. This is why it is so important to have a few tips and hints to help you ease the fears and anxieties that a shy child may be facing as they prepare to head with us out to Co-op Camp.