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Monday, 11 January 2021 20:11

Meaningful Changes

Photo Credit:  The Author in her Grade 9 Yearbook Photo.... YIKES!


Ahhh January!  The month where everyone decides that they need to change their lives and begin fresh.  Diets, Check!  Exercise routine, Check!  Starting a new hobby, Check!  They say that the average resolution lasts 12 days before it is either totally abandoned or modified, and if you are modifying it, it is usually because there has been an element of “failure” involved.  Why do we make these huge, life altering changes because of a day on the calendar?  January 11th is just as effective day to begin a change as January 1st, or even March 23rd for that matter!  An arbitrary day is not what will make you stick to a change, even if it was the inspiration to make the change.

Sometimes when we want to make a change, there is a reason for it.  We feel inadequate for the situations we are facing, or we see a negative quality in our lives and we want to make it into a positive.  Change is good, change is healthy, and change can be necessary, but you have to work to keep a change going.  Often, we believe that the good intentions are enough to carry us through, and then when we aren’t putting forth the proper effort, and we fail.  We then see it as another shortcoming and that the failure is due to our lack of value or worth. 

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