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Friday, 18 February 2022 23:21

Why Supporting Co-ops is Important!

In the modern era, where people (especially in urban areas) have a choice of product/service providers, the rationale to be a member and keep an existing co-op going can sometimes be murky for members and potential members. Co-operatives need to be able to articulate why people should be a member of their co-op when they have a choice of businesses that can meet their needs.

This blog post will look at some of the reasons why members (and future members!) might choose to be part of a co-operative, some of the challenges that having competition creates for co-ops, and why it’s a great idea to be a member of and support a co-op, even if you can get your product/service elsewhere.

This may help you, dear co-operative-loving reader, to answer that question that sometimes comes up: “Why should I support a co-op, when Company X provides the same service/product – sometimes at a cheaper price?”

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Thursday, 10 December 2020 23:25

The Spirit of Co-operation During the Holiday Season

It’s December.  Normally, this month is filled with people around the world preparing for all kinds of celebrations.  Some are buying gifts to give to loved ones. Some are cooking and baking wonderous treats and feasts. Some are writing cards and letters to send out to family and to friends to share the news of the past year with everyone.  This year though, things will look and feel a bit different. 

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