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8 Things to do before you come to Staff a Co-op Camp

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If you have signed up to come and volunteer a few days this summer at one of our Co-op Camp sessions, first, THANK YOU, and second, have you got some trepidation about coming?  Don't be nervous!  Betweeen your Staff Training Workshop scheduled near the end of May and these handy tips, you will look like a professional Camp Staffer!  (And in case you haven't handed an application into the Co-op Camp office yet... What are you waiting for?!?  The deadline to apply is March 13, 2020.)

Here are 8 things to do before you come to Staff at Co-op Camp: 

  • Learn a new talent or skill

Juggling, magic tricks… the list is endless. Youth are easily pleased by your efforts, and it will be great for you when the inevitable Camp talent show strikes. This can also come in handy when you have to distract a home sick child.

  • Become friends with your Staff Team

Join that Facebook group, and participate actively in that What’sApp chat! Getting to know your team members will not only will you make a better teammate and have the best week of camp ever, but the seasoned staff members will help you out if you are a newbie and give you the low down on what to pack and not pack, and the general things to expect at your week of camp.

  • Learn a campfire song or a new game

There is a plethora of websites and activity pages on the internet that have tons of camp songs and games that are great at campfires!  If you have never had the privilege of going to camp before, you should try to learn at least one song to teach or sing at camp.  You can’t sing?  Who cares!  Camp is the perfect place to sing loudly and off key, but if you are REALLY worried, then learn a simple and easy new wide game to play at camp. There’s a chance that someone will already know your song, or game, but the campers and other staffers will love your enthusiasm.

  • Get tuned into a few trends…even if you will never partake in them

 Catch yourself up on what is happening in the world of youth culture.  You want to be woke to the newest trends in pop culture, so that you can be aware of what is happening in TeenLand and be prepared to live there for a few days.  You don’t have to like the newest song by Miley Cyrus, or Taylor Swift but be prepared to hear it sung by 12-18-year olds. Also, get to know what a Tik Tok is, or how to do the Douggie. Those youngin’s will have a blast teaching you if you don’t already know, but they may chuckle at you first 😊

  • Get fit

You will spend a lot of time at camp running around and playing with campers, intentionally, (in a game of Cannibal, a camp favorite of mine), or unintentionally, (during cabin clean ups). You will need stamina to chase teens all day. 😊

  • Think of ways to entertain youth on rainy days

Your life will be much happier on rainy days if you have something to distract the campers and keep them occupied. Making bracelets, or playing a fun game, will make your job a whole lot easier and you will hear, “I’m Bored”, a whole lot less. (Also great for home sick campers… See point one).

  • Learn to shower in 3 minutes

The shower at camp usually has a line, and sometimes that water can be super icy cold, but if you can get a hot shower, don’t take it all. 😊

  • SLEEP!!!

No, really, Camp is EXHAUSTING.  Get some extra sleep. You are gonna thank me later.


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