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The A-Z of Co-op Camp - part 3

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Have you ever gone somewhere and had a whole new language thrown at you? I don’t mean that grade 12 trip to Europe, where they ACTUALLY speak a different language, I mean somewhere where the lingo is just all new?  When I first got to Co-op Camp, I had absolutely no idea what a Warm Fuzzy was, or exactly why people wanted to be “cannibals”. Our final batch of letters covers the new words you may hear at Co-op Camp from R-Z.  Some of these are essential to having a great summer at Co-op Camp!


Rap Sessions

Drop me a sick beat!!!  Well, no, a rap session is not THAT kind of rap.  It is a great way to get to know more about your fellow campers by asking a question and letting everyone give an answer.  If you were a sound, what sound would it be? If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Rainbow Flag
A seven-colour rainbow flag is a common symbol of the international cooperative movement. The rainbow flag has been the cooperative emblem since 1921 when the International Co-operative Congress of World Co-op Leaders met in Basel, Switzerland to identify and define the growing cooperative movement’s common values and ideals to help unite co-ops around the world.

After some experiments with different designs, a famous French cooperator, Professor Charles Gide, suggested using the seven colours of the rainbow for the flag. He pointed out that the rainbow symbolized unity in diversity and the power of light, enlightenment and progress. The first co-op rainbow flag was completed in 1924 and was adopted as an official symbol of the international cooperative movement in 1925.

Like the rainbow, this flag is a symbol of hope and peace. The seven colours from flags around the world fly in harmony.

Honorable Mentions: Recreation, Rest


The sessions at camp are the individual learning and fun sessions that happen during the day.  Each level of Camp has it’s own specific set of sessions.  Sometimes, there are similar sessions in all of the camp levels, but they build on the information learned in the prior year.

Snack Shack

For those who have been to Co-op Camp, you know that the Snack Shack is more than a tuck shop 😊 The Snack Shack is the place where participants learn first hand how membership has it’s benefits!

Honorable Mentions: Songs, Sun, Spruce Beetles, Slip n Slide, Strength Bombardment

Team Work
Co-operation is non-existent if you don’t have team work.  There is team work around every corner at Co-op Camp.  The Colour Groups, the Committees, and the sessions are all full of chances to work together and

Talent Show

Do you play an instrument? Sing? Can you tap dance?  Bring your talent to camp and show it off in the Talent Show.  Each and every cabin, colour group, individual camper, and staffer gets the chance to shine and share their talent with the world.

Honorable Mentions: Tuck-ins, Together, Teens, Thank you to Sponsors


Ultimate Ninja
No, this is not a competition on a television network, this is a game where balance and self control are paramount.  People face off, in an epic slo-mo, non-contact battle, until there is only one ninja left, and that ninja is THE ULTIMATE NINJA!!!  Grab your friends, head to the grass, and play a round asap!

Co-op Campers are some of the most wonderful humans I have ever met.  These young people are often really fantastic and well rounded emotionally so when we begin to think about issues about human rights, and social activism, the Youth are filled with understanding and compassion for their fellow humans.  We often speak about the Camp Free Zone atmosphere, and there is a bubble of kindness and understanding all around us while we are at Co-op Camp.  I hope that the campers are all able to bring that feeling home with they each year.

Honorable Mentions: wear clean UNDERPANTS, Utopia, Unusual dance moves


Video Promos

Each year, technology improves and let’s be honest, sometimes the fads move faster than this old Program Officer can keep up with…(Are we still doin the dab?!?!?!). Each Graduate Camp has a committee who dedicates their week of camp to collecting intel and developing a video that we can use to promote camp.  It is because of these creative and talented Youth that we make so many great youtube videos to share each year!

Honorable Mentions: Camp Vlog, Viral dances, Vacation from reality


Warm Fuzzies

Aaaahhh! A Warm Fuzzy!  To quote the Warm Fuzzy Story, “A Warm Fuzzy (as I’m sure most of you have no idea what that is), is an act of kindness that is shared between two or more people. Warm Fuzzies can be anything as simple as a smile, a hug, a handshake, a high five, a compliment, or doing someone a favour. Warm Fuzzies are treating people with respect and love.”

Water Fights

If the fickle Saskatchewan prairie summer plays along nicely, and gives us a hot and sunny day, you may just find the campers engaged in a water fight.  They also have been known to have epic Staff vs. Camper battles as well!  All is fair in a Water Fight!

Honorable Mentions: Weekbook, Web of Friendship


Ok, I saw this use of an “x” word in another blog, and I am blatantly using it for our “x” too, but it is a good one!  You really can relax and truly explore what makes you YOU at Co-op Camp.  It is a space where no matter what you come up with, your ideas are nurtured and guided to greatness.  You have no one harassing you or mocking you or your feelings.  Camp is a safe place to explore almost all of your thoughts and learning about yourself helping you to become the best possible version of you!

Xtra Special

This is a stretch too… I know, I know!  LOL!  Much like other points in this list and the previous two, the feeling that you get from being at camp has been described as magic.  You are not just a camper at Co-op Camp, you are a very special somebody. You have staffers and friends who truly care. You are Xtra Special to all of us!  Friends forever.

Honorable Mentions: don’t require X-rays, Xylophones are for Talent Night

Youth Progran

Co-op Camp stemmed from the Saskatchewan Co-operative Youth Program.  It was the Co-operative school before that.  The Youth Program has one main goal.  We want to be the educator for all co-operatives in Saskatchewan to assist in developing and building the skills for the future members of the co-operative model, keeping co-ops strong and profitable for decades to come! If youth appreciate, understand, and value the co-op model, then they are more likely to choose it in the future for all of their needs.

Honorable Mentions: You’ve Gotta Come to Camp, Yellow Dandylions


Zero Boredom

Looking for a fun thing to do in the summer?  Come to Camp!  There is so much going on, and so many opportunities for activities to do, people to chat with, and stuff to learn, there is very little time to be bored!  We keep the days action packed because, depending on the camp session you choose, we only have 4-6 days to spend with you.  There are very few people who are ever ‘bored’ at camp, even without tech or tv’s! It will be the best week of your life.

Honorable Mentions: Uh… There are no Zebra’s?


That wraps the list up! I hope you liked all 26 letters.  We would love to have you at camp next summer so you can experience the Camp Language for yourself.  Be on the lookout for registration forms in early 2021. They can be found at your local co-operative or credit union, OR you can find it here on our website. 

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