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Unique Co-operatives in Saskatchewan, Part 2!

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Saskatchewan has so many interesting co-operatives. I am always amazed at the many different types of co-operatives we have here. In my first blog post on this topic, we looked at several unique types of co-ops and I’m back with another list of a more different kinds of co-ops! In this blog post, we’ll take a second armchair tour of interesting and unique co-operatives found around Saskatchewan. 

Let’s get started on our latest tour around Saskatchewan co-operatives you may not have (or may have!) heard of.


If there’s one thing Saskatchewan folks like, it’s curling. 

There are several curling co-operatives in our lovely province, here’s a list of the ones I’ve found so far: 


We also have a couple of solar co-ops!

SES Solar Co-op was the first to develop, and we were happy to help this co-op while it was in development. The SES Solar Co-op was the brainchild of the Saskatchewan Environmental Society, and was officially incorporated in 2015. They have installations at several locations and in 2020 issued a share offering to open up the possibility for new members to come on board and invest. 

Following SES Solar Co-op’s success, a group in Regina started talking about doing something similar, back in 2017. After much discussion and hard work, the Wascana Solar Co-operative was born and has been growing ever since. 


Wascana Solar Co-op Installation


Many smaller towns and villages in Saskatchewan have community halls and recreation centres, but did you know that quite a lot of them are co-operatives? 

For example, there are community hall co-ops in Belbutte, Willow Heights, Success, South Oxbow, Tyvan, Torch River, Cloverdale Glentworth, Hendon, Laird, Richmound, Robinhood, ROE, Rosebud, and Sandwith. The Wood Mountain Community Hall Co-operative Association Limited even has a Facebook page!

Lake Lenore has an auditorium co-operative and then there are all sorts of recreation centres and recreation co-ops in a many more communities, such as Bergheim, Leslie, Mozart, Riceton, Sans-Bar, Storthoaks, Foxford, Francis, Glendale, King George, Tantallon, Prairie River, Kronau, and Tupper. 


On a completely different note, the Saskatchewan Weed Pool Co-operative incorporated in 2019.

With a distinct nod to Saskatchewan’s Wheat Pool, this co-operative brings together cannabis growers to pool their product and market it together and compete with large commercial producers. You can find out more about them here



There are also co-operatives focused on providing services to specific ethno-cultural communities.

The United Filipino-Canadian Multi-Purpose Co-operative, as its name suggests, has multiple purposes, focused on benefitting and bringing together the Filipino-Canadian community. Based in Regina, they incorporated back in 2011, and hold events and activities for the Filipino-Canadian community. 


Co-operatives are also a great structure to use for health service providers.

The Saskatchewan Shiatsu Therapists Co-operative Association is a Registered Association intent on promoting the growth of Shiatsu in Western Canada & maintaining high standards within their profession. They oversee and regulate the practice of Shiatsu, help therapists develop their skills, and develop public awareness of Shiatsu and its benefits. Their members are in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and in Saskatchewan, their members come from seven different communities. 


So, there you have it, part two of our armchair tour of unique and interesting co-operatives in Saskatchewan. Although our ability to visit all these co-ops is limited now, check them out online and visit as it’s safe to do so. I hope you learned about some co-operatives you didn’t know about in this post.  



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