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The A-Z of Co-op Camp

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The A-Z of Co-op Camp @NBC_AtoZ

Part one: The first 9 letters that make up the song 😊

Have you ever gone somewhere and had a whole new language thrown at you? I don’t mean that grade 12 trip to Europe, where they ACTUALLY speak a different language, I mean somewhere where the lingo is just all new?  When I first got to Co-op Camp, I had absolutely no idea what a Warm Fuzzy was, or exactly why people wanted to be “cannibals”. Our first block of letters covers the new words you may hear at Co-op Camp from A-I.  Some of these are essential to having a great summer at Co-op Camp!




You will hear this word all summer long, and long after camp has finished.  Alumni is a term to describe the people who have participated in Co-op Camp.  Many Alumni become the Staffers you know and love, so you will hopefully get to be Staffed by one of the camp legends!

All Nighters 

There is no such thing as an all nighter!  Okay, so they aren’t the ideal thing to happen, but let’s be honest, (and I always am), when your cabin gels together, and you spend all night chatting and becoming best friends, it’s easy to see the sun coming up in the east and FREAK OUT! You should!  You are going to be soooo tired the next day!  Get a good night’s sleep and you, your cabin mates, and your staffers will all be better for it!

Honorable Mentions: Assistant Co-ordinators, Acceptance, Awards Night Committee


You may hear people refer to the ‘camp bubble’. Being at Co-op Camp means we don’t have cell phones, television, internet or any other source of information from the outside world.  We are in a news vacuum. We have no idea what is going on off the camp property…. But are we really upset by that? Nope!  We are in out Camp Bubble!

Bug Spray

Co-op Camps are lovingly situated within spitting distance of a Lake and a Creek.  This, combined with a beautiful forest location for one, and a gorgeous prairie field surrounding the other, equals lovely bugs of all shapes and sizes. Insect repellent is a must for camp, especially during campfires and outdoor games.

Honorable mentions:  Beach Time, Bus Rides, Bunk Beds, Bananas (#Gobananas)



A lovely game in which campers must run around to find hidden staffers who mark your arm with markers. First team back with the correct colour combination of stripes wins!  But look out!  There is a Staffer, (or two or three), running around chasing after you, trying to slash your rainbow of stripes with a black marker to render your work useless.  These are the Cannibals!  Look out for them if you have an arm full of good marks 😊


This is the name of our game here at Co-op Camp.  Not only do we learn about the cooperative movement, but we also have to be co-operative when we do everything from colour group chores, to playing games, to working on our Committees. The reason for everything we do is co-operation!

Honorable mentions:  Candle Lake, Communication, Campfire, Community, COFFEE, Colour Groups, Cold Pricklies!

Dining Hall

One of my favourite places at camp! When Janet is cooking, Co-op Campers are the happiest people on Earth.  Baked Oatmeal, Anyone???


You can’t have a kick-butt dance without having a kick-butt dance and banquet committee! These folks spend the week making decorations, picking the music, and planning the last night at camp.  This is cherry on the sundae of our week.  Who doesn’t love hanging out and belting Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing with all of your new and forever Camp Fam!

Honorable Mentions: Dessert at Supper, Dry Heat, Dish Duty



Who belongs at Co-op Camp?  Everyone does.  Camp is the most welcoming place you will go. It is such an inclusive and warm place.  This is why people don’t want to ever leave here!


Camp is an extraordinary place.  Emotions are heightened, friendships are elevated, learning is so much fun, its all so extra!

Honorable Mentions: Education, Energy, Excitement



Co-op Camp is nothing without the friends that we make.  It’s been said that you make friends for life at camp, and I’ve found that to be true.  Even if it’s your first year at camp, you will make a friend before you step foot onto the campsite, I promise!  The bus ride to camp is where the magic begins and the friendships start to grow.


This goes without saying!  Co-op Camp is FUN!  The games, the activities, the friendships, it all adds up to the most fun you can have in a week!  We have had over 44,000 people come to Co-op Camp, and its previous incarnations. That many people can’t be wrong!  They wouldn’t have come if it weren’t a great time!

Honorable Mentions: Free Zone, Family, Fabulous Footwear Session, Fashion Shows, FRANIMAL!!!



The co-operative games that we play at co-op camp are unique and are sure to provide you with hours of fun!  Cannibal, Mission Improbable, Co-operative Pursuit, they may sound strange, but they are really a fantastic way to spend an hour or two!  Plus, depending on which location you are at, there are rousing games of Volleyball to be had in the sand pit, or between the fir trees.  Not to mention the infamous mud pit… Fancy a game of Duck, Duck, Goose in the mud, anyone?

Grad Camp

An amazing level of our Co-op Camp.  To get to Grad Camp, you have to be invited.  Once you have completed the Intermediate Level, you get a letter with information on coming to your Grad Camp.  Grad builds on the themes of Introductory and Intermediate Levels and adds a layer of information specific to teenagers who are starting to plan for life during, and after high school.  Grad Camp is a special week, because for some campers, this will be the last time they get to come to Co-op Camp and so they are doing everything possible to make meaningful memories.

Honorable Mentions: Group Work, Gathering Song, Genuine Connections



No one likes to get sick at camp, that’s a guarantee, so be sure to stay hydrated!  The Staffers are famous for asking two questions every day, multiple times a day, to every camper.  “Have you had a drink of water?” is one of them.  Staying hydrated is important because your body depends on water to survive.  We need your brain and muscles to be at peak performance at Co-op Camp so drink up!

Hospital Trips

Hospital trips are a no-no!  We are at least 2 hours from actual hospitals while at camp, so we all work together to make camp a fun and safe place to be.   Staff are well versed in first aid procedures for minor owchies, and we prepare as much as possible, so that we mitigate the risks associated with injuries as much as we can! 

Honorable Mentions: Horseflies, Hot Dogs cooked over the campfire, Hats, Horseshoe Pits



The second level of our camp, Introductory, is a mix of returning campers from the Junior level and new to us campers.  The participants are still quite young, just entering adolescence. The sessions at this camp are led with the spirit and values of the Free-Zone, which are respect, interdependence, equality and co-operation.


Intermediate Camp is a fun mix of returning campers who took the Introductory Level, and new campers too!  This is the third level of Co-op Camp and the participants form their own co-operative and are given responsibility for planning and running the seminar!  This Level features sessions on human differences and understanding, leadership, trust and openness, and more!!!

Honorable Mentions: Interdependence, Inclusivity, Ice Cream Cones

Keep your eyes peeled for Part Two (letters J-Q) coming soon!

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