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Mar 25

Student Worksheets for My Co-operative Adventure Money Management

Important tips for using fillable forms for My Co-operative Adventure Money Management:

Functionality of the fillable forms varies depending on the web browser used (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, etc.) and the plug-ins installed by the user. For best results follow these steps:

  • Right click on the thumbnail of the form you want to use and choose “save as” to save the form to your desktop, documents folder or class folder, etc.
  • Proceed to open the file and fill it in.
  • It is very important to save the filled worksheet before emailing the work to your teacher! Otherwise your teacher may receive a blank form! We recommend you name your file with the form name and your name (for example: Lesson_1_Exit_Slip_MarySmith)
  • Email your completed worksheet to your teacher by clicking the envelope icon near the top left of the Adobe Acrobat toolbar.


Teachers, please report any issues with the fillable forms to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Lesson 1 Fillable Worksheets:


Lesson1 Sheet1 MyValues websize
Lesson 1 Worksheet 1
My Values . . . What Matters to ME
Lesson1 Sheet2 Goals websize
Lesson 1 Worksheet 2
My Goals . . . Making What Matters HAPPEN!
Lesson1 ExitSlip websize
Lesson 1 Exit Slip
My Values and Goals


Lesson 2 Fillable Worksheets:

Lesson2 Sheet2 BudgetingBasics websize
Lesson 2 Worksheet
Budgeting Basics - Bring 'Em On!
Lesson2 ExitSlip websize
Lesson 2 Exit Slip
Budgeting Basics


Lesson 3 Fillable Worksheets:

(Note that the budgeting activites in lesson 3 and 4 are also available as an Excel workbook below)

Lesson3 ExpertGroupResearch Page 1 web
Lesson 3 Worksheet 1
Expert Group Research
Lesson3 Worksheet2 Homegroupbudget Page 1 web
Lesson 3 Worksheet 2
Home Group Monthly Budget
Lesson3 BudgetSelf Assessment websize
Lesson 3 Worksheet 3
Budget Self-Assessment
Lesson3 CollaborativeWorkSkillsRubric web 000
Lesson 3 Worksheet 4
Collaborative Work Skills Rubric


Lesson 4 Fillable Worksheets:

L4 Budgetrealitycheck web
Lesson 4 Worksheet
Budget Reality Check!
Lesson 3 and 4 Budgeting Activities Excel Worksheets