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Feb 10


Become Part of Co-op Camp

SCYP is a partnership between SCA, our province’s co-ops and credit unions, and Saskatchewan youth. Being part of Co-op Camp can increase your community exposure, build and maintain relations with young people, and engage and educate your staff. You might even gain new members and foster new volunteers or employees.

Young people leave SCYP camps with an increased understanding of co-ops and credit unions. They have developed skills and self-confidence to become co-operative members, employees, academics and leaders. They’ve created new friendships. This is the foundation of the Co-op Camp “Magic” and we want you to be part of it.

Your organization can become part of Co-op Camp in a number of ways, including the following:

  1. Sponsor one or more young people to attend Co-op Camp.
    (You can also become a corporate or weekly session sponsor - contact us directly to learn more about these opportunities.)
  2. Promote Co-op Camp to your members, parents, grandparents, youth groups, etc.
    Don't forget to tell your staff, board, committee members and volunteers about SCYP so that they can help promote it, too.
  3. Send your employees or board members to Co-op Camp as Staff.
    This can help them achieve their performance management objectives and your organization's community outreach goals, too!
  4. Support Co-op Camp by donating time, funds or other resources.
    Fundraise on behalf of SCYP, or take part in the Co-op Classic Golf Tournament.

As your organization creates its annual financial and staffing budgets, please remember to plan for your involvement in the Saskatchewan Co-operative Youth Program!

Why Sponsor a young person?

Sponsoring one or more young people to attend the Saskatchewan Co-operative Youth Program is a great investment in the future of your organization and the health of the co-operative sector. 

Young people leave SCYP camps with an increased understanding of co-operatives and credit unions and the skills and self-confidence to become co-operative members, employees, academics and leaders. SCYP alumni often find volunteer opportunities or employment in our co-ops, credit unions and community organizations.  

Sponsor Resources

Here are images and documents that you can use to promote SCYP to your members, your board and staff, and the youth and their guardians in your community. Click on the image to download. Contact our office if you require the images in another digital format. 

  • Our resources are free to use and distribute!
  • Click on the item(s) to download. Or request print copies for your member areas, staff rooms, to distribute at events, or to include in newsletters.
  • We may also be able to make a custom ad for you. If you need help or want to access our design elements to make your own ad, newsletter, website or social media posting, please let us know.
  • We also sell items with the Co-op Camp logo on them, for you to distribute to your staff, members or participants.  

You may use any text, video or image we've published on the SCA website or in the newsletter or SCA/SCYP social media to promote Co-op Camp.

If you are not already doing so, please FOLLOW SCYP on social media, particularly Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



Patch 2018

Current Year Images for Social Media, Newsletters or your Website


Click on the image to download in PNG format. A TIFF version is available, please contact Tracey Quiring




Co op 2019 social



A limited number of printed posters are available, please contact Tracey Quiring. (Posters include a pccket - not shown -  to hold SCYP registration forms/brochures.)

Co op 2019 sm1




Comes with a colourful wall poster (ABOVE) that includes a pocket in which to display the brochure. A limited number of printed brochures are available, please contact Tracey Quiring




Link to our videos or download. Place on your own website or show at members' meetings, board or staff meetings, or in your offce. 

Co-op Camp with Spencer

Promotional Video

TV Commercial


Top 10 Ideas 2018


Sponsor Acknowledgements

A Huge Thank You to Our Sponsors in 2018!

These organizations sent one or more participants to SCYP:

  • Accent Credit Union
  • Admore Credit Union
  • Affinity Credit Union
  • Annonymous Donors
  • Bengough Co-op 
  • Bengough Credit Union 
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatoon & Area
  • Celero Solutions
  • Central Plains Co-operative
  • Concentra Bank
  • Conexus Credit Union
  • Cornerstone Credit Union
  • Crossroads Credit Union
  • Delisle Co-operative 
  • Delta Co-operative Association Ltd.
  • Diamond North Credit Union 
  • Discovery Co-operative Association Ltd.
  • Edam Credit Union Limited
  • Foam Lake Co-op
  • Foam Lake Credit Union
  • Hafford Co-operative Association Ltd.
  • Horizon Credit Union
  • Innovation Credit Union
  • Lake Country Co-op
  • Macklin Credit Union 
  • Meadow Lake Co-op
  • Moose Jaw Co-op
  • Ogema Co-op
  • Palliser Plains Co-operative
  • Parkland Co-operative
  • Pierceland Credit Union Ltd.
  • Pineland Co-op Association Ltd.
  • Pioneer Co-op Association Ltd.
  • Prairie North Co-op
  • Prairie Pride Credit Union
  • Prairie Sky Co-op 
  • Radius Credit Union
  • Radville Co-operative
  • Regina Community Clinic
  • Riverbend Co-operative
  • Saskatoon City Employees Credit Union
  • Saskatoon Co-operative Association Ltd.
  • Saskatchewan Credit Unions 
  • Sherwood Co-operative Association Ltd.
  • Southland Co-operative Ltd.
  • Stellar Insurance Service
  • Synergy Credit Union
  • The Co-operators
  • Turtleford Credit Union
  • Vonda Co-operative Association Ltd.
  • Viceroy Co-operative Association Ltd.
  • Yorkton Co-op
A Special Thank You to Our 2018 Camp Week Sponsors!

These organizations very generously sponsored a week of camp:

  • Access Communications Co-operative Limited
  • Federated Co-operatives Ltd.
  • Innovation Credit Union
Special Thank You's to:

The Access Communications Children's Fund, The Co-operators and the Canada Summer Jobs Program for providing additional funding for Co-op Camp in 2018. A limited number of printed brochures are available, please contact Tracey Quiring