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We have assembled a lot of information on so that parents, guardians, teachers and social workers can begin to understand our long-running camp program. Please take the time to go through our FAQ, and be sure to check out the other SCYP pages, too. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us through our Contact Us page.



What is Co-op Camp?

The Saskatchewan Co-operative Youth Program has been leading Co-operative Youth Education in the province for more than 90 years. It has been a major contributor to co-operative youth education in the province and is one of the best-known initiatives of the Saskatchewan Co-operative Association.

Co-op Camp is a series of 4- and 5-day residential summer camp sessions held in July and August. The program is specially designed for Saskatchewan youth ages 12 to 18 to meet new people, develop leadership skills, learn more about co-operatives -- and have a great time.

Read more about SCYP and the Co-op Camp "Magic" HERE.  


Registration and Payment

When registration opens for SCYP's 2019 season, we'll post the instructions here.

For the cost to attend Co-op Camp, please see the FAQs section.

SCYP accepts credit card payments for all registration fees. Call SCYP at (306) 343-3583 or (306) 244-3702 or visit us in office to make your payment.

We also accept cheques. Additionally, you may pay cash in person at the SCA/SCYP offices. 

Camp Levels

The Saskatchewan Co-operative Youth Program has many camps/levels to offer. Each level of Co-op Camp explores aspects of co-operation, communication, leadership and global awareness. Find out when each level is being offered this summer by checking out the CAMP DATES for this year!


These camps are for youth that are 12 and 13 years old and new to the program. Participants will explore how they belong to a wider world of co-operatives, the media, friends, and groups.  Junior camps include sessions on deconstructing the media, conflict resolution, and co-operatives - locally and globally. This is in addition to all the social and recreational activities, such as swimming, canoeing, campfires, and dances.


This camp welcomes back Junior participants as well as 14 and 15-year-olds who are new to the program. There is lots of fun to be had while swimming, canoeing, singing songs around the campfire and getting to know new people. At the Introductory level participants also form and run their own co-operative canteen with the help of staff. Participants also explore issues of individualities, communication, community, co-operatives and global development.


This camp is for youth who have completed the Introductory level. This level also includes sessions on the co-operative principles, leadership, human differences and understanding, and trust and openness. Participants also select the recreational and social activities. As always, there are lots of interactive and fun recreational options such as swimming, canoeing, volleyball, and campfires.


In order to attend this camp, participants must be invited after attending an Intermediate camp. At this level, participants learn many skills that will help them transition from High School. Through forming a co-operative community, participants will have the opportunity voice their opinions on topical co-operative issues, particularly youth involvement. Other topics will include Canadian unity, co-operative values and consensus building. Participants will also choose the camp's social and recreational activities. Thanks to a generous multi-year sponsorship by Innovation Credit Union, this session will be known as the Earl Hanson Graduate Co-op Camp. Graduate and Senior Graduate levels are offered in alternating years.

Senior Graduate (Unavailable in 2018)

Senior Graduate Camp is an invitation-only camp is for participants who successfully completed the Graduate level camp. Participants take on more leadership and responsibility for the goals and design of the camp. Participants put into practice the co-operation and leadership skills they have learned while developing new skills for the workforce and in life. Graduate and Senior Graduate levels are offered in alternating years.

LevelUp (Unavailable in 2018)

LevelUp is a life skills and career development seminar for all youth of working age or who are interested in becoming more career ready. LevelUp invites youth to a 3-day seminar where they can co-operatively engage with one another while being introduced to a variety of essential life skills.

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Really Useful Information

Cost, Dates, Location and more. Click a title bar to learn more. 

What is the cost to attend?

The total cost (fee) to attend Co-op Camp or LevelUp is $725. Participants pay a $250 registration fee and get the remaining $475 fee paid by a local co-operative sponsor.

One of the requirements of SCYP is that participants and/or their families/guardians seek out a credit union or co-operative for sponsorship. Learn more about sponsorship HERE. If, after following our tips, your child is unable to find a sponsor, don’t worry! Just call our office and we’ll be happy to help you!

If your child is interested in attending Co-op Camp but you are unable to pay some or the entire registration fee, please contact us. Registration fees should not be a barrier to participation. 

When is Co-op Camp?

Each camp runs for 4 to 5 days in either July or August. A full listing of all camp dates can be found here.

How do I register my child?

If your child is 12 or 13 before December 31, 2019, and:

- has never attended Co-op Camp, then register them at the Junior level, or

- has completed the Junior level, register them at the Introductory level.

If your child is 14 or 15 before December 31, 2019, and:

- has never attended Co-op Camp, then register them at the Introductory level, or

- has completed the Junior level then register them at the Introductory level,or

- has completed the Introductory level, register them at the Intermediate level.

If your child is 16 to 18 before December 31, 2019, and:

- has never attended Co-op Camp, register at the Intermediate level, or

- has completed the Intermediate level, then your child will receive a personal invitation to attend our special Graduate level (in the year that it is offered) or

- has completed the Graduate level, then your child will receive a personal invitation to attend our special Senior Graduate level (in the year that it is offered).


Please ensure that you complete all sections of the registration form and return it along with the registration fee to the Youth Program office. The registration deadline is two weeks prior to the commencement of the camp, but REGISTER NOW to get your first choice.

Who are the Staff?

Staff teams are comprised of 6 to 10 individuals who are program alumni or employed, volunteer or are engaged with the co-operative sector or credit union system. 

Staff members are committed to being a good role model to Saskatchewan youth and spending a week sharing their knowledge and experiences. More on Staff HERE

Where are the camps and what are the accommodations like?

Junior 1, Introductory 1, and Intermediate Camps are held at beautiful Candle Lake. The camp has eight heated cabins, indoor washrooms and the main hall for activities and meals.

Junior 2, Introductory 2, and (Senior)Graduate camps are held at a scenic facility on Last Mountain Lake.The camp is lake front and features dormlike facilities. One of the most popular features of Last Mountain Lake is the infamous mud pit from our promo video.

How does my child get to Camp?

Charter bus transportation is provided free from Saskatoon for all camps. Pick up in Prince Albert can be arranged for the camps at Candle Lake.

If you would like to drop your child off at camp, please contact the office for specific drop off times and directions to camp.

Where do I meet the bus?

SASKATOON: Registration and departure for camp from Saskatoon take place in the rear parking lot of Affinity Credit Union, St. Mary's Branch, 1515 20th Street West in Saskatoon.

PRINCE ALBERT: If you require your child to be picked up in Prince Albert please contact us at the office for further details.  Note that there will be no Prince Albert pick-ups for ANY Last Mountain Lake Camps.

What does my child need to bring with him/her to camp?

Here is a suggested packing list that will help you and your child pack and prepare for an awesome week at camp!


If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us!



This is what parents and participants had to say about Co-op Camp:

“I cannot speak highly enough about this program. It was truly a life-changing experience for all three of my daughters!” - Bev Seymour, Principal of Beechy School

“This is a truly great program. I have learned many valuable life lessons and skills that have helped me develop and grow into a leader.” - Tamara, Saskatoon

“The time I spent at Co-op Camp was absolutely the happiest time of my life. I have never felt more equal, trusted, respected or cared for." - Tyson, Saskatoon

“Coming to Co-op Camp was definitely a highlight of my summer.” - Chelsea, Sedley

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