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Saskatchewan Co-operative Association
Feb 10

Before you incorporate your co-operative federally or provincially, your steering committee/working group should consider a number of issues and work with a professional(s) who is familiar with the co-operative business model and will help you develop and then incorporate. 

Two reminders:

  1. Your working group will need to decide if the co-operative model is the right choice for your business, and then to determine which co-op form it should take. Our Organizational Structure page will provide some guidance.
  2. An important step to incorporating your co-op is developing your bylaws. Please visit our BYLAWS page for more information.

When you are ready to officially incorporate your co-operative in Saskatchewan, you can obtain the application forms and instructions to incorporate at Information Services Corporation.

To help understand and navigate the incorporation process, we've developed A Guide to Incorporating a Co-operative in Saskatchewan, which you can download for free.

A reminder:


We have also created a step by step webinar that will guide you through the steps of incorporating a co-operative in Saskatchewan. The charge for viewing the webinar is $15.00 plus GST. You can access this webinar on the Training and Education Opportunities page of our website.